For Couples

Emotionally Focused Therapy is an evidence-based approach that helps couples heal distressed relationships by learning to break out of stuck negative cycles and build secure loving bonds.

Based on the neuroscience of attachment, EFT is is now one of the best delineated and empirically-validated approaches in the field of couples therapy. ​According to the International Center for Excellence in EFT, research studies find that 70-75% of couples engaged in EFT move from distress to recovery, and approximately 90% show significant improvements. Click here for more information on the research base of EFT.

Most importantly, EFT helps couples to answer the question, "A.R.E. you there for me?" while they learn to break free of the common patterns that keep partners angry, hurt, frustrated and very much alone.

The founder of EFT, Dr. Sue Johnson, answers the question, "How can I tell if my marriage is in trouble, and what can I do to prevent breakup?"